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"High caliber puppy mills"

As breeders/exhibitors/dog lovers, we expect to be disappointed in the those who do "everything" WRONG (read that to mean people who breed with no knowledge and little interest in anything except producing MORE dogs, i.e. "obvious puppy mills"); but our sensibilities are SHOCKED when we run into the same practices in someone who is a recognized breeder/exhibitor.

Unfortunately, large numbers of champions, big winners and pretty puppies don't necessarily mean the animals "at home" are UNIFORMLY receiving good care and socialization. We all know a few established breeders who breed their bitches too often (albeit to fine champion studs) and who socialize and condition ONLY the ones aimed for the show ring. Those folks breed their bitches (and yes, I mean champion bitches too) every heat until their little bodies give out. Their dogs "at home" live without the love and attention that every dog deserves and needs - and sometimes without even the basic nutrition and vet care demanded by good animal husbandry. Too often, these same folks, trading on the reputation of the dogs they put in the ring , sell the refuse from their "puppy mills" to the unsuspecting public.  This includes pups not bound for the show ring as well as retired adults.  More than one unsuspecting adoptive owner has shared their horror stories of retired minis who never quite made the transition from kennel dog to house pet.Yes, my definition of puppy mills includes some folks who know a good schnauzer, who know the genetics of breeding a "good one", and who even do the requisite genetic testing. Anyone who breeds too many puppies to socialize each to their highest potential and who breeds/sells enough puppies to pay for the show careers of their champions and specials is nothing more than a "high caliber puppy mill".Just my humble opinion.

Kennalea B. Pratt
STARBOUND Miniature Schnauzers
Springfield, Missouri,

Moderator of the Hoflin Mini-Schnauzer List Since 1997

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