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Now that I have caught your attention and for your own protection I would ask you to read through the following information.

It seems to have become a new way of life, the Internet Cyber Highway and a new generation of puppymillers appropriately named "New Age Puppymills". A new opportunity for stay at home Moms or retired people to have a "stay at home business". They combine their "love of dogs <choke>", "computer and marketing skills" and "love of money" (and in some cases "love of God") to provide themselves with a very comfortable way of life. They breed many litters of puppies every year not just the 1-3 they usually state. They don’t offer meaningful health or temperament guarantees, they talk and boast about "champion pedigrees" but don’t display any on their website. This is usually because the one champion mentioned is 5 generations or more back. They DO NOT show their dogs (that would cost money), they do not do health testing (that would cost money), they do not breed their bitches to outside studs (that would cost money), they crop only when required and they do that themselves when they do tails & dewclaws (3-5 days old).

They breed "toys" and "whites" because they are "rare" and there is a market for them (this makes them money). They do NOT have the best interests of this wonderful breed at heart and are only lining their pocketbooks. In most cases the Miniature Schnauzers they breed do not in any way resemble what one should actually look like. They always have an excuse to support their marketing scheme such as my mother can’t lift them if they’re not tiny (to which I say buy a Chihuahua or Toy Poodle) or they say they are trying to resurrect the original colours (you know, the ones our breed forefathers culled out of the breed). All very lame excuses to justify their actions in producing dogs that do not resemble a Miniature Schnauzer. Along with these blatant poor breeding practices come dogs of poor temperament and poor health.

In a number of cases, the originators of some of the Schnauzer (or all breed) webrings have created those rings to group together (mass advertising) other backyard breeders/millers that they may have helped get started. This is a similar concept to multi-level marketing - commercial production of puppies. With that goes stud fees, grooming, boarding, designing websites, then they join the available web ring. Some are even selling pet foods they have developed.

Beware of these sites. Some have gospel music playing in the background, scriptures quoted throughout, pictures of their angelic children (who cry when the puppies leave).

Please, please, please read all the information provided to you here BEFORE you make any decisions.

"Good things come to those that wait".

Vicki Stephens
Empire Miniature Schnauzers
Miniature Schnauzer Club of Canada (BC Director, Past President)
BC Miniature Schnauzer Club (Secretary, founding Director)
American Miniature Schnauzer Club, Member
BC All Terrier Club, Member
Canadian Kennel Club, Member



Seller takes credit cards AND wants a deposit at the time of internet ordering;
You fill out a form on-line and submit your deposit. At this point they know absolutely nothing about you or you about them. They obviously don’t prescreen puppy homes;
the health guarantee is 72 hours or one or two years and under;
they have a guestbook that only says "nice things" about their puppies. One of the messages has a website link takes you back to the breeders homepage (whoops).
the pictures on their website do not resemble the pictures on the MSCC or AMSC websites
the pictures on their website do not compare to the written standard for the breed;
they will ship puppies anywhere (for a fee)



Award Winning Websites

Caution! Be aware that having a well-written and possibly appealing web site in no way guarantees the quality of the dogs a person might have for sale. There are instances of both puppy mills and unethical, unknowledgeable breeders with, in some cases, award-winning web sites on the Internet. (HOW COULD ANYONE MAKE A BITCH HAVE A LITTER FOR THE FIFTH TIME IN A ROW?! Or breed a *puppy* bitch that is barely six-months-old?! That isn't someone's beloved family pet; that is a puppy factory.)

Unfortunately, it is up to you, the buyer, to sort through these "ads" just as you would have to if you were seeking a dog through the newspaper. Remember, AKC-registered in no way guarantees quality, and a good breeder never has to advertise his puppies because he usually has a waiting list before dogs are even bred, and sales are often the result of "word-of-mouth" advertising.

It really makes no difference *where* a breeder advertises his dogs, be it through Schnauzer Shorts, a national magazine, or the Internet, as long as the potential buyers are well-screened. What is important is the dogs themselves and *how* the dogs are advertised. Are these quality dogs who have proven their worth in the breed and/or obedience rings? Are they generally bred no more than once a year or are they used to crank out puppies? What sort of thought and preparations went into the breeding of those dogs? Does the breeder stand behind his/her dogs and is he/she available to answer any questions if help is needed? Are people given the sales pitch to "sign up for theirs now while there is still a chance for one" or "there is ONLY one left!"? "Get yours now before they are all gone!" is not the way a reputable breeder would advertise his dogs. And certainly any page saying, "We take Visa!" should make a potential buyer run down the cyber highway immediately. Does the "reputable breeder" have a simple statement on his page as to what dogs were bred or does he have "ads" on every bulletin board he can find on the 'net so that he can push his puppies? Is there *original* educational material on the web site, indicating this breeder's knowledge and experience with the breed, or has it been copied from elsewhere or only have links to further information? Is there evidence that this person belongs to various breed and/or kennel clubs, indicating his interest in the advancement of the breed? And after all of this, ask for references.... not from the breeder on the web site, but from other well-known breeders on the 'net or other breeders in that person's area.

Anyone looking to purchase a "registered" dog should be aware that the only legitimate registry in the U.S. is the American Kennel Club. All of the puppymillers are now registering their puppies with the Continental Kennel Club or the American Purebred Registry to get around AKC's DNA requirement for frequently used (breeding) dogs. If one goes to purchase a puppy, ASK what registry it is registered with. If the response is CKC, APR, or one of the other pseudo registries, RUN the other way! (unless one lives in Canada... the Canadian Kennel Club is a most respectable registry). If one buys one of these CKC- or APR-registered dogs, it is NOT a breed-worthy dog; it should be spayed/neutered ASAP. And be aware that the roots of this dog go back to a PUPPYMILL!

Please exercise extreme care as you travel the rocky road of the Internet Cyber Highway!

Karen Brittan
Britmor Miniature Schnauzers



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Most reputable or hobby breeders, breed perhaps 0-4 litters a year, 4 being a big year. They do not have puppies sitting on a shelf ready to sell. They take time to get to know and approve their new owners before they actually sell them a puppy.



  1. Puppymill - old age - the horrible conditions of puppyfarms, brokers & pet stores that we have strongly entrenched in our minds.
  2. Puppymill - new age - fancy websites, no middleman, sell direct to the buying public.
  3. Backyard breeders - usually have 1-2 litters a year, own 1-2 females and breed to the dog down the street because it's cheap and convenient. Sometimes may have 1 male & 1 female. Usually breed at tax time or Christmas.
  4. Hobby breeder - usually breeds 1-4 litters a year, is active in the breed (clubs etc), exhibits, grooms, studies, is always in the hole financially, usually works full-time at a real job and grooms on non-show weekends to earn extra money.
  5. Fancier - has one or two M.S., may be a show home for a hobby breeder, goes to the shows and cheers their dog on.  May be involved in flyball, agility, obedience.  Love their dogs and the breed with passion, keep them in prime condition and become your best friend for life.
  6. High caliber puppy mill - Anyone who breeds too many puppies to socialize each to their highest potential and who breeds/sells enough puppies to pay for the show careers of their champions and specials.
  7. Pups for bucks - anyone that derives their living or enhances their income, from breeding and selling dogs.


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