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Empire’s Distant Thunder "Crash"

(Am Can Ch Empire’s Dark Angel ROM by Am Ch Wy-O’s Reputation)

CKŠ-points for Club champion of Czech Republic
2x res.CACIB-points for International champion
CAC CR-points for Czech champion
CAC SL-points for Slovakien champion
CWC -points for Polish champion
Derby Winner- at Slovakia show at Nitra (best mini overall (all colours)at
lovakia Schnauzer specialty
Bonitace code.: 00/5WZ/5 ---qualified as stud dog
Maj.: Lenka Jakubçuv, Konevova 155, 130 00 Praha 3, tel.: 0603/754 366
A remarkable record for a North American bred dog in the nineteen nineties in Eastern Europe.
Sire of Champions.

Sent to our friend Lenka Jakubov, Vitkov Miniature Schnauzers in the Czech Republic to incorporate new blood into her in progress breeding program, Crash has also been used extensively by other kennels. One very successful combination was Empire’s Distant Thunder ex Perfect Silouete Moldau which produced Intl Ch Uli Moldau North, WW, BIS Universe Moldau North, Jch, Pl Ch Ultra Moldau North and JCh Urschula Moldau. This combination worked so well it was repeated producing Intl Ch, RU Ch, Euro Ch Virgilia Moldau North, Vanilla Moldau North, PL Ch Virginia Moldau North and CR PL Ch Victory Flash Moldau North.

We are hopeful that "someday" a Crash daughter or granddaughter will return to Canada to make an impact here.

Loved by: Lenka & Jon Jakubov
Vitkov Miniature Schnauzers
chov.st. KN RA MALÝ P-S
Konevova 155, Praha 3, 130 00
Prague, Czech Republic
Telephone: 82 19 555