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Yangas Miniature Schnauzers, Mexico http://www.33ff.com/flags/worldflags/Mexico_flag.html

2009 Show Record


13 X Group First

5 X Group Second

2 X Group Third

4 X Group Four


Thank you Judge

Ms. Vivian Maurie (Argentina)

Best In Show #7

Thank you Judge

Mr. César Moscoso (Brasil)

Best In Show #6


Thank you Judge

Mr. César Hugo Burbano Rodriguez

Best In Show #5


Thank you Judge

MVZ Elias Zacarias

Best In Show #4






Thank you Judge

MVZ Enrique Gonzales Razo

Best In Show #3


Best In Show #1

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mr. Luis Vargo Duran (Costa Rica)



What a weekend!!

4 X Group First

2 X Best In Show

Club de la Riveria Maya CA (Cancun, Mexico)

Thank you respected Judges!!

Group First

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mrs. Peggy Gutierrez Otero (Mexico)

Best In Show #2

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dr. Raul Coss Lira (Mexico)

Group First

Friday, April 10, 2009

Dr. Eduardo A. Gazol Pantino (Mexico)







Bogie has multiple group placements in Mexico in 2009

Professionally presented by:

Gildardo Silva Rosas


The neck is real, the short back and properly set tail are real,

The coat is real, the movement is real, his temperament exceptional

An exceptional, honest dog who is a delight to live with.

Thank you Judges!!!


Dr. Jorge Calderon Espinoza


Dr. Enric Gonzalez Razo

Group 2!!

Dr. Elias Zacarias

(sorry, no picture)


As a puppy in Canada...

Mr. Richard Lopaschuk (BC, Canada) WD, BW, BP (2 points)
Ms. Edna St. Hilaire (BC, Canada) WD, BW, BP (2 points)
Mr. L.T. (Bud) Haverstock (Alberta, Canada) WD, BW, BP (2 points)
Ms. Thora Brown, (Ontario, Canada)  WD, BW, BP (3 points)
Mr. Don Emslie, (BC, Canada)  WD, BW, BP, BB Group 4 (3 points)
New Champion

Mr. Tim Doxtater (BC, Canada) BB
Sue Ellyn Rempel (MB, Canada) BB

Professionally presented in Canada by Cynthia Seeling

Owned, conditioned & campaigned by:
Rubén Octavio Martínez Rahme
Yangas Miniature Schnauzers



Bred by:
Vicki & Greg Stephens